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A History of St Lukes

Formerly an area of fields with the odd small-holding and farm dotted around, Holbrooks began to change its natre during the course of the First World War.

The building of munitions work at the then northern limit of the City of Coventry mean that housing for the workers had to be constructed in a very short time. The erliest church of Saint Luke's was constructed in 1916 of cinder blocks at the junction of Lythall's Lane and Holbrook Lane. It was started as a mission church from Saint Paul's, Foleshill in which parish Holbrooks was originally situated. Next door a wooden hut served for many years as a venue for local community activities. With the opening of many more factories and works locally, the area soon expanded very quickly and plans were made for a purpose-built church.


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The parish of Holbrooks was created in 1935 with Fr Charles dodd as its first parish priest. From its beginnings, Saint Luke's has fostered a Catholic tradition and a regular round of sacramental worship was maintained.

The new church was built in Rotherham road and completed in 1939 to the designs of N F Chachemaille-Day. The exterior was of red brick and notable features were an external altar and pulpit and concrete windows. Sadly, only a few months after its consecration, the church was rendered unusable by bombing in the 1940 Coventry Blitz. After several years the church was repaired and restored to its original appearance. A Parish Centre was added in the 1960's during the nearly 40-year incumbency of the much loved Father Henry Hughes.

Saint Luke's has always been a church that gives off a welcoming atmosphere, which makes visitors feel instantly at home. Alterations of the interior over the years have opend up the chance, improved lines of sight and brought more light into the building. A major refurbishment in 2007 saw the installation of a new state-of-the art heating system and new upholstered seating.

Today Saint Luke's remains as a sign of the Church's presence in Holbrooks and still offers its parishioners a place where they can meet with their fellow-worshippers, bring their deepest needs and concerns and also mark personal and family events, whether happy or sad.